Syrian restaurant SYR is an amazing initiative to bring a new menu to The Netherland and to help immigrants from war-torn Syria integrate in the inner city of the Dutch town Utrecht. The super charming restaurant has been made possible by crowd funding from Dutch fans wanting to help the newcomers and to let them introduce their culture to the Netherlands. The menu is diverse and surprising. The restaurant also hosts events and debates, many with a social initiative:

Over the past few months many newcomers have arrived in the Netherlands, including from Syria. People just like us: with talents, dreams and ambitions. With restaurant Syr the Gys Foundation is starting a project where they can use these talents and further develop their skills, making them feel at home in Utrecht and take part in Dutch society. Refugees with a residence permit will work together with Dutch hospitality colleagues at the restaurant. While visitors are enjoying delicious Syrian dishes with a European twist, a bond will be formed between the different cultures.