The Baking Lab

The Baking Lab is a place where you can buy delicious and fresh bakeries while learning to bake on your own at the same time. This unique bakery located in Amsterdam and founded by Jechiam Gural only openend a few Months ago.
The founder wants to always bake different things for their customers and let people who are interested in baking to try different new ideas. The baking Lab uses grains, nuts, fresh herbs and some of our ingredients are purchased directly from farms, including ancient grains such as einkorn and emmer wheat, allowing them to explore lost flavors from the past. Baking Lab sells these ingredients and baked products in the shop and serves coffee and homemade food in the Bakery café. They try to investigate how knowledge and experiments can form the engine of a small bakery, focused more on creativity and green business models and less on long shelf life and convenient repeatable products. Their aim is to gain knowledge, boost up creativity and enjoy the baking experience.
They embrace the process and perceive waste as a raw material. For example, they use residual heat from our kitchen to warm our small greenhouse. Besides bread they also bake stories. Go to their workshop and learn how science and mysterious memories got kneaded into a story about bread.