The historical world of Amsterdam canals

It is nearly impossible to not find yourself in awe when you walk along the canals of Amsterdam, A view like this doesn’t get old. That is why located at Keizersgracht 482, there are several different rooms available for rent, each having their own period feature decor as well as a beautiful canal view. Keizersgracht 482 originally was built sometime during the 17th century. The rooms that are for rent at Startdock now were decorated in the late 19th century. From original golden chandeliers to original walls decked in gold decor, everything about these rooms is authentic. There are three rooms available for rent each having their own charm with the rooms being: Vasco da Gama room, Abel Tasman room, and Christopher Columbus room. For a truly historical and interactive workspace look no further than Keizersgracht 482.

The beauty of the building and location are only a couple of the benefits you may find here. Some other benefits are the actual workspace itself and the people that work there. The workers are attracted according to the five core values, being collaboration, community, openness, coziness, and accessibility. When you view the space you certainly notice these values as this space is one that promotes growth in the sense that you feel at ease when here and are able to approach work in any way that is most comfortable for you.

One of the most interesting aspects is that there are no competitors working in the same space. This is what the building manager found to be the most important aspect of designing a co-working space. Not the view or the building itself, but the fact that there are people from all different industries that are able to interact with each other and help build each others business in whatever way possible. This interaction between businesses and the promotion of exchanging ideas across industries is truly exemplary of why Amsterdam is one of the top ten startup cities across the globe.